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About Us

kambolojo.com is an Ethiopian Sport media and entertainment website founded in June, 2016. It provides our viewers with multidimensional any kind of sport activity access to its viewers. All the Sport News and highlights broadcast by our Site kambolojo.com are Free of Charges (Your ISP internet charges may apply). 

kambolojo.com is a trusted and awesome sport media to let its users entertain what is happening on the world regarding to sport activities mostly the top rated leagues of the world but this couldn't limit us from providing most view able and interesting videos, articles or pictures that happened in sport activities. 

kambolojo.com is aimed to become the most valuable and trusted sport media that can let users joy and watch what happened with their favorite team all over the world. The number one Ethiopian Sport Entertainment website keeping the worldwide sport activities routinely  Ethiopian Diaspora connected to their home country. In many parts of the world Ethiopians do not have direct access to Ethiopian news and entertainment, therefore, kambolojo.com becomes their primary source for these.

 If you have any Questions, complains or Suggestions please use our contact us page so we can get back to you real quick. 
E-mail at kambolojo16@gmail.com or Info@kambolojo.com or haven1999@gmail.com

Best Regards, 
kambolojo Team